Where to Put Your Airsoft Patches

Put Airsoft patch shoulder

In the airsoft community, airsoft patches serve as identity markers, much like badges. They are not merely decorative items. To ensure they are noticed and have an impact, it is crucial to know where to place them on your equipment. In this simple lesson, let’s examine the ideal locations for your airsoft patches.

1. Tactical Vest or Plate Carrier:

You can put patches on the front and back of your vest or plate carrier. This makes them easy to see during games. You can show off your team logo, flag, or cool designs here.

2. Headgear:

Caps and helmets are great for patches too. Put them on the front of your cap or use the slots on your helmet. This way, your patches show your style while keeping your head safe.

3. Backpack or Bag:

Your backpack is like a moving billboard. Put patches on the outside to show them off even when you’re not wearing your gear. They add personality and can represent your team or favorite brands.

4. Sleeves and Shoulders:

If you want a subtle look, try putting patches on your sleeves or shoulders. They won’t take over your whole look but still add some flair. Small patches or personal designs work well here.

5. Morale Patch Panels:

Some gear comes with special panels just for patches. These panels have surfaces made for patches. You can use them to show off your favorites or change them up depending on your mood.


Deciding where to put your airsoft patches is a big deal. It’s all about making sure they’re seen and tell your story on the field. Try different spots to see what works best for you, and let your patches speak for you when you’re playing airsoft.

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