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Welcome to our custom Airsoft Patches manufacturing hub! If you’re in search of top-notch custom patches for your Airsoft team or organization, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to us today to elevate your team’s style and identity with our high-quality patches.

Step 1. Share your design ideas or example patch photos with us.

Step 2. Our expert designer will create a fantastic artwork and send it to you for approval.

Step 3. Once approved, we’ll make high quality patches for you.

Step 4. Get your patches on door step 

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We offer different types like PVC patches, embroidery patches, printed patches, woven patches, and leather patches. Whether it’s a tactical design or a team logo, our patches add style to your gear. Check out our categories and find the perfect patches for your Airsoft team!

Custom Airsoft Patches
  • Features:
  • Airsoft PVC patches are rugged and durable.
  • They withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Customizable with team logos and designs.
  • Enhance team identity and camaraderie.
  • Offer a 3D-like appearance glow in dark.
  • Specifically designed for Airsoft enthusiasts.
Embroidery patches Airsoft
  • Features:
  • Airsoft embroidery patches give a classy look.
  • They’re durable with quality threads.
  • Perfect for detailed designs.
  • Can be used on different fabrics.
  • They make gear look polished.
  • You can customize with unique logos.
Airsoft woven Patches
  • Features:
  • Airsoft woven patches are lightweight.
  • They’re made with strong threads.
  • Perfect for detailed designs.
  • Flexible and can go on curved surfaces.
  • They give gear a smooth finish.
  • You can customize with precise logos.
Custom printed patch
  • Features:
  • Airsoft printed patches have vibrant designs.
  • They use high-quality printing for clarity.
  • Perfect for colorful logos and graphics.
  • Lightweight and flexible for gear.
  • They give a smooth finish to uniforms.
  • Customizable for intricate designs.
Airsoft leather patches
  • Features:
  • Airsoft leather patches have a classic look.
  • Made with real leather for durability.
  • Ideal for textured designs.
  • Versatile for different gear.
  • They give a premium finish to uniforms.
  • Customizable for unique branding.

How To Select The Patch Baking?

Iron on backing patch

Iron On Backing

Iron-on patches are super simple to use. You just need an iron and a few minutes to stick them firmly onto your fabric. You don’t even need to know how to sew.

Velcro backing pvc patch

Velcro Backing

Patches with Velcro on the back are easy to put on and take off. They’re handy for lots of different things. You can quickly switch them between different clothes or gear.

Fussing backing patch

Fussing Backing

Fusing patches need to be sewn onto clothes, hats, or bags by hand or with a machine.

In Airsoft, players rely on Velcro patches. These durable patches attach easily to clothing and gear. They’re perfect for showcasing team allegiance, expressing personal style, and displaying crucial details like blood type. They can be attached to various items, making them essential for any Airsoft enthusiast.


Airsoft patches are tough and cool. They’re usually made of PVC, a strong material that can handle rough play and any weather. You can stick them on your clothes, gear, or bags to show off your style. Whether you like simple designs or fancy ones, PVC patches can handle it all and make you stand out when you’re playing airsoft.

You can stick them on your vests, backpacks, hats, jackets, or gun cases. These patches are tough, so they’ll stay on during all your adventures. Whether you want to show off team logos or your own designs, adding airsoft patches is a fun way to make your gear stand out.

How much a patch costs depends on a few things, like its size, design, and what it’s made of. Simple patches can be cheap, maybe a few dollars. But if you want something fancy or special, it might cost more. Sometimes, buying a lot of patches at once can get you a better deal. So, it’s good to check around and see what fits your budget and style.

Looking for custom patches that won’t cost you a fortune? You’re in luck! We make custom airsoft patches for as low as $2 each. Our patches are top-quality and can be designed just the way you want, whether it’s simple or fancy. Say goodbye to expensive patches and hello to affordable customization for your airsoft gear!

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