What is Burning a Patch in Airsoft?

Airsoft burning patch

Airsoft is a fun game that imitates military battles using toy guns that shoot small plastic balls. One important part of these toy guns is the burning patch, also called the patch or hop-up patch. This small but crucial piece helps the toy gun work better.

What is a Burning Patch?

The burning patch is a small, round piece made of rubber or silicone inside the toy gun. It helps the plastic ball spin backward as it moves through the gun. This spinning motion helps the ball stay on track and go further.

How Does the Burning Patch Work?

When you shoot the toy gun, the plastic ball goes over the burning patch. The patch rubs against the ball, making it spin backward. This spinning helps the ball stay steady in the air, making it more accurate and able to travel a longer distance.

Why is the Burning Patch Important?

The burning patch is a key part of the toy gun’s system. Without a working burning patch, the ball may not spin correctly, leading to less accuracy and distance. It’s important to check and replace the burning patch regularly to keep your toy gun working well.

Signs of a Worn-Out Burning Patch

As the burning patch gets used, it can wear out. Signs that it needs replacing include less accuracy, shots going off target, and shorter distance. If you notice these issues, it’s time to put in a new burning patch.

How to Replace the Burning Patch

Replacing the burning patch in a toy gun is simple. Take apart the gun to reach the burning patch. Remove the old patch carefully and put in a new one that’s the same size and material. Put the gun back together, and it should work well again.


In summary, the burning patch is an important part of a toy gun, helping with accuracy and distance. Regularly checking and replacing the burning patch is important to keep your toy gun working well. By understanding the role of the burning patch and knowing how to replace it, toy gun players can improve their shooting skills and have more fun playing.

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